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What is Bitcoin Code and how it works?

Bitcoin Code is a cryptocurrency trading robot that uses AI-driven algorithms to derive tradable insights from big data and to make profitable trading decisions on behalf of its users. Since It was launched, It’s one of most profitable crypto trading platforms.

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The Bitcoin Code claims a success rate of 99.4%, being so among most reliable cryptocurrency trading bots. Traders can get their profits at any time. The platform offers 10 free withdrawals per month. After that, for the following withdrawals, will be applied a fee of 1%.

Bitcoin Code has a daily return rate of up to 95% and a 17% daily profitability rate. Bitcoin Code offers its services for free and only makes money by applying a commission on the profits.

Before starting to trade, inexperienced users can create a demo account and read carefully the trading guide. The Bitcoin Code prides itself to offer the easiest-to-use trading system.

Bitcoin Code uses machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to collect crypto market data and according to that information suggests the best sell or buy decision. The platform can work manually or automatically. When the user choose the manual mode, the bot analyses data but don’t make any trade decision. Otherwise, if you choose to operate automatically, the bot analyses tha data and trades on your behalf.

Bitcoin Code is launched by anonymous creators. However, it operates with high-level of safety and transparency. Bitcoin Code platform depends on high-grade 128-bit RSA encryption.

It works well and is suitable on any smartphone device.  The moment you finish the signup and deposit the initial capital, you will receive the Bitcoin Code download link.

Is Bitcoin Code a scam or legit?

Bitcoin code prouds itself of the positive feedback from the tens of thousands of its clients. According to Bitcoin code reviews, over 90% of reviewers report that the platform is super profitable. The platform has a great reputation and unlike other platforms presents important information related to pricing and the list of partner brokers. In addition, the official Bitcoin Code website is protected through 128-bit RSA encryption. Bitcoin Code one of the few fully GDPR compliant auto-trading robots. You can access the platform on any browser on desktop and mobile devices. However, traders should have cautiousness from cloned sites that falsely present as the Bitcoin code trading robot to steal your data. Also, everyone should be aware that the internet is full of false testimonies, so you should invest only money you afford to lose.

How to start trading?

  1. Create an account

Open the official Bitcoin Code website and Sign Up by providing the required personal details like first and last name, contact number, and email address. Then submit the application form and wait for an activation email. The moment you validated your account, an account broker will contact you.

  1. Deposit the initial working capital

After your trading account is activated, you need to deposit the initial working capital of USD 250  to gain access  to the software.

  1. Trade

Determine your trading criteria and click the ‘Trade’ button. You can choose the auto trade option or not. It depends on your preferences to let the robot make trade decisions or just to inform you about the market opportunities. Bitcoin Code will start to earn passive income daily for you.

Advantages of using Bitcoin Code

Free usage and no hidden commissions

One advantage of using the Bitcoin Code trading platform is that it free for any trader and there are no hidden commissions for any transaction. The earnings and initial deposit are fully yours. Traders only pay when they make a profit.

High success and profitably rate

The Bitcoin Code claims a success rate of 99.4%, so it is among the most accurate trading platforms for newcomers and experienced traders.  Hence, the website helps inexperienced traders to earn money as the platform makes trading decisions on their behalf via its automatic mode.


Safety of its customers personal information is the high priority of Bitcoin Code. All personal data, communication and transaction recordings are secured by SSL certification. Bitcoin Code is a safe trading platform which manages your account with CYSEC-licensed brokers

Web – based platform

Bitcoin code is a software so you only need internet connection to access your account from any device using a browser.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Code trades eight major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), USDT, and Dash (DASH). It also trades fiat currency.

User-Friendly Interface

It is easy for beginners to start trading with Bitcoin code with everything explained from setting up your account  to start trading and earning money.

Easy and quick withdrawals

Bitcoin Code provides a easy and quick withdrawal process through filling a withdrawal request form for your broker who will make available the payment within 24 hours. The platform accepts a variety of bank cards and electronic wallets such as Neteller.

Demo Account

For beginners Bitcoin code provides a demo account to learn how to sell and buy into cryptocurrency market. The demo account can also help inexperienced users to try different trading strategies before they invest in live trade. This is the best way to understand how Bitcoin Code works and be informed about trading environment.

 Minimum Deposit of only USD 250

Bitcoin Code  requires  only a deposit of $250 as your trading capital with which you can start trade with a symbolic sum  of  $25 for each trade.

24/7 Customer Service

Bitcoin Code has a professional customer care staff that helps traders through answering different questions  and giving solution to any concern.  The support staff is highly responsive at any part of the day.

Automated and manual trading

Traders are free to use automatic or manual trading modes based on their knowledge and the trust they have related to the platform.  Investors can apply their trading preferences according to their experience.

Regulated Brokers

All of the referred brokers are compliant with regulations and you can check the regulatory status of the broker that you are referred to. The platform works with CySEC-licensed brokers. 

Limitations of using Bitcoin Code

  1. If you are in UK or US, you can not use Bitcoin Code in these countries. However, there are a lot of countries where you can use the platform like: Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, New Zealand, Canada, Romania, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Australia.
  2. There are many positive testimonials for Bitcoin Code, but we don’t know and can’t prove if they are fake or real.
  3. The identity of the founders of this platform is anonymous
  4. You can’t trade all types of cryptocurrencies, only eight of them.
  5. Investment in cryptocurrencies is always risky regardless of the platform, so you better start with small amount of money or money you can afford to lose.

Despite the superior algorithms of Bitcoin code, there’s no certainty that the platform will succeed in investment because of the volatility of prices. The crypto market is characterized by instability, so everyone who trades in this market must get used to this situation. A wise action is to invest only your profits, in this way you are not losing anything.


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